73.5% Soft with Cocoa Nibs 50g
73.5% Soft with Cocoa Nibs 50g

Claudio Corallo

73.5% Soft with Cocoa Nibs 50g

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73.5% Soft with Cocoa Nibs 50g


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Claudio keeps his chocolate pure, with only the minimum number of ingredients. For a great chocolate you only need cacao, cacao butter and sugar. 

Sounds simple? Even with those 3 ingredients you can make endless variations. Claudio offer three types. They differ in the percentage of sugar and the way they feel in your mouth.

In his 73,5% the sugar is ground with the chocolate, but then Claudio adds slivers of cacao beans, which give the final product a nutty and crunchy taste.

The first bite is sweet and intense. The pieces of cacao beans mixed with the chocolate recall the aroma of the freshly gathered cacao.


Forastero Amelonado, Refined Sugar, Cocoa Nibs